Saturday, January 1, 2011

do you see what i'm seeing?

okay, i totally do not need to go through the hassle of going to wherever people flock to for the new year's celebration, because there's a fireworks show right outside my window. like, it's literally so close i should probably take in all the clothes that i've been hanging out in the balcony to dry, because these assfaces would probably burn a hole into my bra or something.

and then it'd be new year and i'm left with one bra less than last year. sheesh.

sorry for the lack of shame. these people are just stupid. tengah-tengah malam pun nak karaoke lagi, like wtf people? i need my quiet time, asap!

fooh fooh fooh. breathe. breaaaaaatheeee....

i need to calm the heck down. i can't break my resolution one minute after 2011, ha. that'd be so like me though. make a resolution and completely forget about it one minute later. this is probably why i need an organiser. and a life.

well, it's the new year mates. the great twenty eleven. the big shebang. so...

WELCOME, 2011!

whee. seriously, i don't really know what all the hype is about. so what if another year has passed? if anything, we should be all worried because a year has passed but have we really done anything useful all the while? have you contributed? are you somebody in 2011 who you weren't before in 2010?

a bit depressing huh? i should eat more skittles, because they taste like rainbows.
rainbows are happy. (sigh)

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