Saturday, January 1, 2011

bears, bugs and surviving the wild.

hey. so i thought i'd make full use of all the free time i'm getting before i get too busy to even go online, hence the sudden surge of posts ha.

randomly, has anyone ever watched man vs wild? i know i've ranted about this one before, but it's a current obsession of mine. i can't be bothered to watch vampire diaries or gossip girl anymore, but i'm watching the discovery channel?

i really am getting older. guh.

but anyways, i am known to like weird, odd and sometimes outwardly gross stuff. i like stuff that's not cookie-cutter, something different from the rest. so man vs wild gives me that, because i've never seen a reality show which focuses on survival instincts or what to do when one's stranded on a desert island or lost in a jungle. way more informative than watching korean series or ogling at damon from the vampire diaries. (sorry love. i do think you're amazing, but i'm too lazy to follow the series.)

meet bear grylls. (after the jump!)


"when i grow up i wanna be chuck norris".
he's an adventurous chap who's the youngest Briton to climb Mount Everest, when he was just a wee lad of 23 (what's with the british slang?). i'm 23 now, and i wheeze when i go up a flight of stairs. he's got another series called worst case scenario, which is  just the cheeriest name for a show ever.
he's a macho man, this one. very adventurous, (quite dashing, even when he's covered in mud) and he has  the weirdest ways of surviving in the wild. he can make shelters out of trees, or a boat, or a spear. he jumps off cliffs. he shows you how to sleep in a sleeping bag made out of an animal carcass. i think he's like the modern, real version of a superhero.

oh, and you should see some of the things he eats. snakes, bugs, rats, tree barks, dude ain't picky. here's a recent clip i got out of youtube just for your viewing pleasure.

warning: if you've got a sensitive stomach and hate icky stuff, don't watch. ooh and don't watch before or while eating. consider yourself warned, buahaha.


see, interesting right? you can watch man vs wild every monday at 10 p.m i think, on the discovery channel. he eats other stuff too. oh yeah and he can start a fire without a lighter or matches. cooooool. i am such a dork.

because of series like man vs wild and 2 others (man, woman, wild and dual survival) i am seriously considering carrying around a lighter and some rope with me at all times. that way if i ever get lost on my way to, say, times square, i can just bust out my handy lighter and build a fire, and from the ropes i can create a shelter not unlike a hobo's in new york. yes, i am crazy like that.

i am sooooo easily influenced by the media. dammit. (but i love you bear! you're awesome!)

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