Sunday, January 16, 2011


okay, why the hell does hayley williams' voice sound like a chipmunk in the version of 'airplanes' which i uploaded onto my blog?

who done it? whoooo done it?

meh, i like the version with eminem better anyways.

it's pretty cold nowadays in kl, huh? i wanted to give the ole wallster a bath this morning but the skies were so downcast that i was scared that he'd get a fever if i bathed him. wally, of course, rejoiced at the idea of no bath and slept on my bed the whole day. he's cunning like that.

i'm gonna lay it out right now, and be honest with myself.

i hate working.

it's tiring. both my body and my mind goes into overdrive at the end of the day and i just wanna curl up and die sleep until morning. i have no life because i'm too lazy to go out and hang out with my friends come weekend, and i have no time for myself. (i'm self-absorbed, so this is important)

most importantly, i think i hate doing what i do. it's so boring. nothing creative is involved. i feel like my head is stuck in these nonsensical numbers and words that i used to think that i understood but actually can't comprehend. i'm easily agitated (more so than usual, and i'm already very moody kot normally. hah) and i pity poor wally because he's got no one to annoy and play with. when i get home after work everyday he's always waiting at the door with those huge, googly eyes.

aiyoh. i never thought working life would suck this hard. er...wait, actually i knew. i've never been the kind of person who actually wanted to work. call me a lazy s.o.b but no, i'd rather be doing something else rather than working. for example, for some reason i feel that doing research is not actually like working. does that mean i'm more suitable towards research jobs?


i wanna be a traveller. a graffiti artist. an author. the hunchback of notre dame.

anything is better than this.

but i guess i have to push aside my childish dreams and become a bigger person. (bad joke) i have to be a grown up. i have to? oh god why do i have to?

i'd love to be the kind of person who loves my job. i've heard of these mythical beings who enjoy their jobs. they like what they're doing. they would sacrifice important things like sleep and time to watch tv for their jobs. my dad's in this category, for your info. he loves his job, gets up at 5a.m for god knows what, just to get all his work done on time.

i have to be like my dad and my mom. both my parents are somewhat job-lovers.


the next time i meet my parents i am so gonna poke them with a stick.

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