Thursday, January 20, 2011

kek batik catastrophe and other short stories.

hello world, today i made kek batik!

(oh aren't you proud of yourself.)

okay, the thing is, i've been wanting to eat kek batik, or probably known as a marie fudge cake (totally googled that beetch) for the longest time but nobody seemed to sell it, probably because it's so frickin' easy to make.

well, easy for most people to make anyways. (you know something went wrong when someone says something like that haha)

so i googled the recipe, took thte first one i could find and proceeded to try and re-create the thing as if i have cooked/baked my whole life. it is actually quite easy, i do feel quite accomplished.

but...the cake didn't really turn out so well.


while the recipe i chose from the internet was simple and do-able, it had no pictures and it was really very straight forward and...well, simple. the recipe failed to tell me that i needed to stir the chocolate mixture until it becomes really thick and goopy. it just said that after i've tossed in my eggs, stir for 30 seconds on low heat then close the stove and mix in the biscuits.

so i did what i was told to do, and now my cake is kinda gooey and runny, and not very batik looking. that was one disappointment. but heck, i did taste it after only 30 minutes in the fridge, i'm supposed to leave it in the fridge for 1-2 hours but heck i'm badass like that yeah. (lol)

another disappointment is the fact that the cake tastes too chocolatey. i was supposed to mix in a cup of milo and half a cup of cocoa powder but upon opening the tin of milo i found out that it had hardened into this solid black mass at the bottom of the tin which rendered it unusable.

so i had to make do with the cocoa powder. it's not too bitter, but it kinda tastes like chocolate cake. and i don't want it to taste like chocolate cake, since i'm not a huge fan of chocolate cake. but it tastes okay.

heck, even if i do say so myself it turned out pretty okay for a first attempt. the colour looks similar (yay), the biscuits i used weren't the original biskut marie but it tasted the same (but it's a bit more...uh, softer? less crispy? wtf?) and even though it looks like a pile of gooey biscuits in a container it's edible. it's edible, and that's what matters.   

it won't win any prizes for being the prettiest though that's for sure.

ahhh well. practise makes perfect. i bet leonardo da vince didn't get mona lisa's smile right the first few times anyways. (irrelevant woman)


btw, i love holidays. freedommmm!

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