Saturday, December 4, 2010

girls just wanna have fun.

don't get me wrong, i love being a girl. i get to dress up all the time.
(see, this is what girls do. they dress up. hmm. i think so, anyways)

but i have a current secret (or not so secret) obsession right now.
and quite frankly, it's embarassing. and frickin' girly.
i am obsessed with...


er, what? omg ew.
lol, yeah. it's kind of true. i am currently obsessed with makeup and all that type of girly shit.
i can't help it. i'm also highly embarassed by it for some reason,
because as a kid i was such a tomboy.
i climbed trees, i didn't wear skirts, i thought heels were torturous devices.
i once used a slingshot on a dude because i'm evil like that, tee hee.
but yeah, the idea quite freaked me out. (i still hate skirts though, to be honest) :P

but yeah, reason i'm habing this confession is because i just had a major (for me) beauty haul yesterday at mid. like, i spent a lot of my hard earned first salary cash for it..not that much la. but a lot for me, because i am a kedekut sort of person. but very worth it, in my increasingly girly opinion lol.

so. i bought:
1) some eyeshadows from elianto.
they were dirt cheap man, like rm1.50 for one pan. but yeah, not so good la the quality. but being a makeup newbie, i'm always ready for experimenting ha.
2) face primer from bloom.
i bought this from shins, and tbh i think it has waaaayyy better service than the other shops i went to which was sasa and mac. the shop assistant was super friendly, and even though i was shit broke at the time already i really wanted to buy something because i was so happy with how she treated me. lol i'm stupid like that. but hey, the product's awesome so far. :D
3) some brushes and and eye primer by red earth from sasa.
haven't tried these out yet. hmm.
4) one mac paint pot in indianwood.
mac. MAC! ohhh yeah konon kaya la dapat gaji kan? lololol. i bought this becauce i got so sick of seeing the reviews on these things on youtube. this is a cream shadow that can also be used as a eye base, and it's frankly quite rad. it's a darker brown colour than my skintone, and it's all shiny and shimmery and it makes me look not so unkempt. i look like angelina jolie already. XD

hmm. so that's it. i also bought a belated birthday gift for my brother.
i gave him training gloves or whatever you call those gloves you wear for the gym,
because i am cool like that. ohhh yeah.

actually, these aren't the first beauty products i have.
i have tons of eyeliner, because i've loved those since my 2nd year of uni anyway methinks.
i have lipsticks given to me by my ever-so-cool mom, and i also live lipbalms because my lips have been going crazy since the first time i came back from saudi.
i am trying to get more eyeshadows because if i can master putting on eyeshadow i'm pretty much a makeup expert already haha.

i have a few reasons as to why i am suddenly so into makeup. first, i'm already 23 years old, but i kinda look like i'm still 16, so it's kinda hard to be taken seriously. so i'm trying to strengthen my image and make myself look very uh...mature. if that's even possible. i also have to look presentable for work, because i ain't working from home honey. and last but not least, i like makeup. it's like having a canvas where you can put all sorts of stuff onto it and show it to people.

...having said that, i'm actually a neutral sort of person. i wear a lot of browns je. :P

so, that's my very long post about makeup. it's a good thing i came out of the makeup closet, or i would have had to carry that with me for life. sigh. ooh i know! maybe one day when i have no sense of shame i can post pictures of my face for you guys to laugh at! yeah!

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