Thursday, December 31, 2009

can't say i'm sad to see you go.

ah, the ever so common last-day-of-the-year post, dictating all that's happened in the past, and new aspirations for the future.

well, sure. 2009 wasn't the best year for me.
had a few breakdowns this year. broke up for the first time (they say the first cut is the deepest. i say, big deal.) and lived to tell (or blog) the tale.

i've learnt some valuable lessons this year.

but this is not the post for it!
i have new things in mind,
new knowledge to bore my brains out,
new fod to enjoy,
new events to experience,
new guys to stalk,
new friends to make,
new makeup to try (i am an expert in eyeliners now lol)
and other whole new stuff to enjoy!

the prospect of a brand new year never seemed exciting to me before this, but this year's a bit different. well actually the new year has long gone (awal muharram), but just endure me for a second yeah.

ideas for the new year, the great two oh one oh:
(for some reason all of them need exclamation marks. leave me be.)

a) be positive!
for reasons even unknown to myself, i am the greatest pessimist i have ever met. seriously. i don't know if it's because i lack vitamin c or something, but it just bugs me, that i'm always a dark thinker. maybe i was an unemployed drunk in the past life, i seem to have too much time to think haha. but fear not, all you sunshine-loving gerbils, i will turn over a new leaf and be a tad more chirpy in the thought department.

dunno if it will work, because i can't control brain functions kan, but i will try!

b) uih, rajinnya!
this is actually a must. dah kalau nak sambung belajar tak rajin lagi mampus la kena pelangkung dengan parents kan hahaha.

c) keep on loving baby!
i will love my friends. i will love my family. i will love my cat. i will love all animals unconditionally. okay okay i will love some people unconditionally jugak. hmph. i will love shopping. i will love food. i will not waste food. i will love hot random strangers in torn up jeans. ooh. hahaha kidding. kinda. :P finally, i will love myself. i definitely will always always love Him. yeay for love and all that mush!

...i can't think of other stuff. maybe it's because i'm too darned awesome it'd be a shame if i changed anything else. harharhar. (should have another point up there: be less perasan!)

so long, 2009!

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