Wednesday, December 23, 2009

isn't someone missing me?

i have a friend who's trying to break up with her boyfriend.

well, according to what she tells me, she just doesn't like like the guy. she thinks he's nice and all, but not for her. she has told him a few times that she wants to break up, but he (get this) refuses to hear it. said he'll wait for her if that's what it takes.

you'd think i would side on the girl right?

i've heard the way she treats him. she kind of yells at him on the phone about stupid things, and she gets angry a lot. i know this isn't who she is, she's a great person, trust me, but i guess he's in the group of people that she can't stand. she tells me that she doesn't wanna be like that, but it just happens and she snaps.

well, i guess i can understand.
(i do pity the guy though, but i don't tell her this.)

i can tell he loves her, if that doesn't sound cheesy. she says some stuff that could hurt him sometimes, then they fight and he hangs up, but a minute later he calls and god knows this guy has the patience of mahatma gandhi. he just doesn't care. some people call that being stupid. i kind of call it love.

i wish i could find someone like that. or be like that. i want to have emotional strength and patience. i want to be sure that someone loves me and doesn't care if i yell at him because i'm having a bad day. i want someone to tell me i'm being stupid for being insecure and wanting to break up. i want to be loved.

but i guess it doesn't happen like that, because now i'm the bad guy, remember?

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