Sunday, December 6, 2009

the goodbye.

so long, home.

so long abang. i hate the smells you make from that cigarette of yours, it reeks. satu rumah bau. but i will miss you and your general annoying self.

so long katil selesa. i shall miss your huge comfort and size. you're awesome to jump on, to rock out with, to laze around and just do nothing, which is what i always do.

so long, orang-orang kenduri. i can safely say that i will not miss you guys.

so long, midvalley. i like walking around your corridors, alone and unknowing, searching for something i can't find, and something i can't quite understand. and i love shopping. heehee.

so long, vacation days. i realize that after this i have to work extra hard, since i did next to nothing during this short holiday period. that is fine i guess. i will cope, i guess.

so long, life. i will miss you.

but four months from now, it'll be something totally different.

so long, uia. i told you i could do it.

i guess i should appreciate these last months eh?

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