Thursday, December 3, 2009

ba da ba ba da ba ba ba!

"keep your feet on the ground,
when your head's in the clouds"


(do it again! with gusto!)


my exam results came out today.
not my worst, but not really thrilling either. i thought i could have done better, y'know?
but! my worst is a b- so...heehee. ok lah kot. (^___^)
maybe instead of aiming for the sky, i should aim for the ceiling first, yeah?


oh well! that's done!
now, my thesis is next on the nervous list.
whoever created thesis papers should be banned from ever enjoying life. he (i always assume the bad guys are of male origin. hee.) should be thrown into a hot steaming plate of tofu and made to eat it for the rest of his sucky, serious, tree-killing life. people should throw used q-tips at him and call him bobby.
kamu jahat. >:(

my brother, ever the killjoy, told me to start on my work for this thesis already, or he said that i'd regret it.
i was like, "shun the killjoy! shunnnn!"
my dad, ever the academician, skyped me and said, "boleh la start buat thesis tu."
i was like, "nooooo ayahhhh..cutiiiiiii! cutiiii!!!"
(in reality i smiled sadly and said "insyaallah ayah" dengan menunduk terkesima. haih.)
my friend is in the process of completing 2 chapters already.
huh! with friends like these, who needs enemies? hahaha joke joke. i love my friends. :D

but can you see why i might be so stressed?
the people around me are too smart! toooo smart!
i drink juice from the carton!
i eat candy bars!
i love RIBENA for god's sake!
i'm too young to...

oh, i'm 22 dah.
start esok la thesis. :(


p/s: my cat is afraid of the dark. hahaha how frickin funneh. and cute. hee love you wallster! :)

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