Monday, November 30, 2009

men and women.

this is my 100th post. (oh so that's why it's so long.)
yay me for being so frickin non-productive haha.

today's post is so serious i could boil an egg on it:
men and women.

i hear you saying "bahhhh bahhhhh ewwww!" at the back there. shutup.
a few things have happened recently, which kind of cemented my thoughts about men and women. these thoughts are based on what has happened to my friends, and family, and me.
so this is what i think about guys, and girls. but it is not in any way a generalization of the sexes, and doesn't apply to some people. i am merely trying to appear deep and intelligent here.

some men, in my humblest of opinions, are egotistical and insufferable know-it-alls. they do not want your opinion, even when they sometimes ask for it. they are hard-headed, and wants to tell the whole world that they know what they are doing, so could you please get the hell away and shut up. some men are with great sense of humour, but can often be misinterpreted by women as not being serious and not caring.

men are sometimes intuitive. they are blessed with a great sense of direction. most guys i know do not like shopping, the ones who do are probably metro. some men are great listeners, others are crap at it. men expect women to understand them, when they do not tell women what they are feeling, because telling would be a sign of weakness. i think most men think they are superior to women, and not just because my religion (islam) says so. they think they are better at everything; driving, asking for directions (but this doesn't often happen), getting bargains, playing games, etc. some men love to lie to justify their actions.

i think that some men think that most women are stupid, because i have experienced this firsthand. men are driven by lust. men are very bad at reading body languages or picking up hints. men gossip worse than women. men get angry when women tell them what to do, because they are their own bosses. some men are, in MY opinion, full of shit. (but i'm probably being bias because i'm a woman.)

some men can be hypocritical. men appreciate sweet gestures. men eat a lot. men and women both appreciate friends. women, however, need specific amounts of times with their men, or they will think that the men don't like them anymore. men don't. men talk about sports all the time, which some women find terribly boring. some men take jokes way too seriously. some women don't care about men's cars. i personally only care about the stereo system.

women are sensitive, some of them, like me, are overly so. what men don't know is that women are experts in reading the human body language, facial expressions and so on. so if you are a man, don't ever tell a woman that you are fine when you're not. we were not born yesterday. we know. sometimes women read into things a bit enthusiastically and get their hopes up just to get it smashed down. women have trust issues. men, i think, do not. women are often too cautious.

women hate being lied to. women wear their hearts on their sleeves. women waste loads of money on useless things. women gossip viciously, and in great detail. some women have a horrible sense of direction. women are often bossy, and wants to tell everyone what to do even when she knows nothing about the topic. women hold grudges.

women love to talk about their feelings. women expect men to listen to them when they say something. women do not forgive easily, because we are often more emotionally involved than men. some women think men are stupid. women wonder why men can't just tell them how they feel and get it over with. women drop hints for men because if they are straight to the point then men will think that they're seriously involved, get scared and run away. women will get irritated and upset if men don't get their hints, which is all the time.

women are insecure, that's why they ask men if they look fat. they don't do it to annoy men. while women are often bossy, they don't expect men to listen to them all the time, but some of the times would be nice. women appreciate sweet gestures. women don't fall into relationships for the fun of it, they always expect something out of it. men, however, always tell women that the future is still unknown, and they can't or won't talk about what they don't know. (A.N: if a man actually loves you, then shouldn't you be part of his future no matter how things turn out? i mean, you don't throw away the people you love right?)

so that's it. tell me what you think, if you want to. if any of you get offended, well sorry. i don't write anything but what i think is the truth. i don't dress it up with gay words, i don't need pictures (which is why my blog is so boring) and i don't lie about what i feel. if you are offended by this post, think carefully. i said some men, and some women. kalau terasa maknanya terkena la tu. kan?

but hey, no hard feelings. i'm writing this out of boredom and pent up hormones, sparked by something i witnessed last night. i love guys and want to marry most of them haha, and i am a girl with loads of awesome girlfriends. this is just research. ok? ta!

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