Friday, November 27, 2009

things to do when bored 1.

i bet you cannot guess what i'm doing right now!
c'mon guess!


*evil maniacal cackling*

i'm...practicing the dance moves in michael jackson's thriller video!

bahaha. yes, i know i am bored.
but hey.
at least now i'm less bored, more amused, and sweaty as hell.

can't say i'm the best dancer in the world though.
step, step, hop, shuffle, step, hop..
awh damn. i forgot the moves again.
good thing i'm channeling a zombie, not a frickin' ballerina.
but this is way amusing. :P

p/s: as you can see on the post title, this is just the first of many random acts of senselessness which will come. wait for it! :P

p/p/s: oh dang. i was suppose to start on my dissertation today..oh well! *evil cackling continues*

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