Tuesday, November 17, 2009

absolutely random post about everything.

"if my heart was a compass,
you'd be north."

that has got to be one of the sweetest things i've ever heard.
i wish...
(deep sigh)

have you ever imagined what happened in your future?

when i was still a kid, i would dream of how my life would turn out when i was older.
i'd dream of how my house would hopefully look like,
(an apartment with a glass wall and a view overlooking the city. really nice furniture, modern but homey and comfortable),
what i'd do,
(something that made me happy and busy, nothing boring. i'd maybe open my own business or be an artist or a writer, something artsy even though i am not.)
and who i'd be with,
(someone funny and cute who adores me, is witty, intelligent and absolutely loveable. we'd argue all the time, and he'll introduce me to new things that i'll love, and i'd think i was the luckiest girl in the world.)
among others.

and even when i was a kid, i'd remember feeling very impatient and excited.
i hope my future turns out to be better than what i imagined.
because it is kind of tiring to think of everything. haha.

sometimes you think you're living in the moment,
but could it be that you're just wasting away your life towards the unknown?
but i do that sometimes. live in the moment i mean, not waste my life away.

i guess it's like what chaz (whom i adore very much) says.
you have to know what you want. who you are,
because you can't have everything and you can't be everyone.
but be spontaneous a bit. what you want is not necessarily what's best for you.
so a bit of this, a bit of that, and i'm set!

i hope i'll be the kind of person i want to be one day. god i'm so excited to find out.

p/s: why am i always in love with fictional characters? is it because they're always so fantastic in the books i read or movies i watch, but in real life guys are just bleh? or is it because i haven't found a guy like that yet? hmm.)

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