Saturday, November 28, 2009

clawzz and dancing.

did i tell you?

no, of course i didn't. i always forget. well, my brother got the interview! well, actually he got both, kinda, but he went through with one company, got himself a second interview, and voila!
he starts january next year.
congrats, abang! :)
i knew you could do it.

as we speak, wally (a.k.a the-evil-twin-of-daniel-but-in-a-different-form) is prowling my bedroom, looking for entertainment, or someone else to bug haha.
he's my cat.
my cat.
well, he still is now, but my sister's been talking about selling him off (she's really busy nowadays, and i can't take him back to uia, takut hilang), which is utter poo-poos because look at wally! he's adorable!

the royal evil fluffiness

he's not that photogenic though. he looks so much better in real life. (sorry about the quality, i just used my phone. pemalas.) he's currently melting my heart into a puddle with his huge, manly paws (seriously, sooo cute) and his tendency to bite everything that moves. oh wait, the last one was a bad thing haha.

okay now he's playing with my mouse. pandainye. hahaha.

jom sape-sape gi shopping with me? year end sale has started! :D
*i think my eyes are twinkling right about now haha*


dance, qisha! dance! ♥


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