Wednesday, November 11, 2009

oh thank god.

"love is wasted on the young."

thank god for friends.
and good movies with sad endings.
and stuffed animals that smell funny but listen to you when you talk to them.

thank god for having a purpose in life.
having people who love you.
for who you are, perhaps
in spite of who you are.

thank god for good looking chaps in smart attires.
and yellow cotton cardigans and shiny black leggings.
or magazines with random gossip.
for kittens who purr when you stroke them between their ears.
and parents who think of you when they look at something at the mall.

thank god for songs that make you laugh,
then cry,
then make you think,
then make you hope
that one day you'll do better.
one day, you'll do spectacularly.

thank god for good marks.
and horrible marks that make you think that you have to try harder.
for exam questions that makes your hand hurt when you answer them.
and for pink bunny-themes pencil cases.

thank god for sunshine,
and smiles,
and breaking hearts,
and baju kurungs in colourful varieties.

thank god for annoying male friends.
and bahasa melayu baku.
and typos of epic proportions.
and yahoo messenger.

i have so much to be thankful for.
who cares about that, anyway?

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