Sunday, November 1, 2009

the question is why?

"oh no, not for me, not for me,
call it torture call it university,
arts and crafts is all i need,
i'll take calligraphy and then i'll make a fake degree."

this isn't the end of the world.

you're not dying, you know.
not now, anyway.

you're not on a journey towards the sun.
you're not trying to defeat an evil dark lord from using a ring for his evil, demented purposes.
you don't have to save any damsels in distress.
you don't have to use magic to defend a castle. you have no magic powers. you have no castle.

you don't need to beg.
there is no need to grovel. start a war. kill a cat. go against your values.

so then,
why are you so pissed off and nervous about this stupid dissertation proposal?

because it sucks, that's why.

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