Friday, November 20, 2009

exam high.

"this is a blackout as we'll find out,
it's gonna come and take everything you love away"

current situation:-

exams done. yataaa!
no problems with the questions. yes!

birthday celebration at pizza hut with my beloved friends. woohoo!
cake? mmm. :) thanks guys for being awesome.

saman? crap, belum bayar. :(
yuran mahalah? taik la, tak bayar jugak.
utang dengan makcik kafe kaed? :0
(oh crap, how the heck did i forget? cepat bayar sebelum jadi makanan haram!)

aiyoh, what a waste of cash.
dah la nak beli owl city's cd. dem you uia.

i'm thinking of making a debit card.
reason: so that i can shop online. yataa..this has to be the best reason ever. i can buy harry potter merch, switchfoot merch, stuff you find online but never in real life. oh yeah. :D

oh hey. i'll upload a picture of my friggin' brand new, spectacular necklace later.
it's fly. :P

p/s: what the hell la, why so many emoticons in this post?

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