Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a bucket full of happyness.

"but in the end, no matter what i pretend,
the journey is more important than the end or the start."

i'm glad i finally understand this.
might have took some time,
some effort,
some heartbreaks and tears,
some regrets and mistakes,
some right moves and some memories buried deep,
but i get it now.

and now is better than never.

i am the only one who can make myself happy.

i don't need a guy to make me happy.
even without my friends i can be happy.
even when my family's not there i can be happy.
even when i'm the loneliest person in the world i can be happy.

because in truth, i don't need to make myself happy, i just need to feel happy. happiness is everywhere. in the clouds, in a song, in my footsteps, in food, it's all around me.

and hey, now i am happy.
i thank Him for letting me find it.


  1. wow.pure linkin park fan.haha.1st time visit ur blog.i like ur loiikey~...keep posting!

  2. omg mello! :D
    ko sgt bagus. ko sgt sgt bagus...sbb ko tau tu lyrics lagu linkin park. hahaha.

    nak kaco ko la.

  3. heheh.only linkin park fans knows whut u r writing..eyh,ooopss.