Sunday, November 22, 2009

suffer in silence.

while you were out there with someone else,
i was in my room, trying to patch up the cracks on my heart.

it's just one of those days, you know.

the kind of days where i wish i was alone.
or even better, dead.

it's the kind of day where the clouds seem to mock me,
with their own brand of silly happiness.
the kind of day where hearts are ripped out from chests,
put into a box, and smashed into a million tiny pieces.

it's a day where people revolt me,
seemingly content with their coffee and suffering,
not remembering that tomorrow could be they day that they die.
it's also a day where i feel cold, tiny, and worn out.

but then i think to myself,
i'm strong, i'm strong, i'm strong.
i can do this. i can get through this.
so what if i'm lonely?

so what if i'm sad?

i'm strong, i'm strong, i'm strong.
be strong anis, dammit.
(i don't have a choice)

be strong, or suffer in silence.

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