Saturday, November 21, 2009

on 2012...

"the bad news is, your choices and intentions, some people and places,
those nights spent awake and all you've done,
can lead you to the bottom of the pit.

the good news is,
this wouldn't be the first time someone's crawled, tooth and nail, out of hell."
- i wrote this for you

i watched 2012 last night, along with my brother and his girlfriend (kacau daun aku ni) where tickets were still being sold out and we had to sit at the second front row. it was a full house. and hey, the movie wasn't bad. it was kind of awesome, something i would definitely watch because i'm curious, and i lack a proper sense of imagination.

the thing is, you don't watch 2012 for the storyline. i mean, i guess the storyline's okay, but the graphics were spectacular. it felt so real i was kind of shaking in my seat. what if the end of the world felt something like that? what if people lost their humanity, killed, sold out on the ones they used to love, all for the sake of survival? freaky, yeah?

in fact, i have a few things yang macam tak puas hati with the movie:
  1. the actors - kenapa macam tak takut je when the so-called 'end of the world' happens? their faces were like, slightly shocked with a hint of blurness, like seeing barney and friends for the first time and wondering why the hell kids like a purple freaking dinasour. some of the acting wasn't all that great. amanda peet, especially, looked kind of...selamba. like she's seen buildings fall on top of each other and giant tsunamis all the time. if i were any of them i'd be freaking out, babbling and crying, and praying to god that the tsunami doesn't flood my house away. (i don't think i'd be rajin enough to run, penat kot) hmm. or maybe amanda had it right. don't think moviegoers would appreciate a babbling, crying heroine.
  2. humanity what? - in truth, i don't think human beings are capable of such humanity. the part where those people open the ark doors back up to let those guys in? tak boleh blah. in all honesty, i think the bad guy of the movie, that mr. anhauser-something-or-other would be correct. (which is why i hate him so much in that movie) people don't think of other people when they are so busy thinking of saving themselves. which is why we are called the human race. sad, isn't it?
  3. tipu lah - the movie was definitely very hollywood, in the sense that everything happens dengan gaya last minute tu. you know, they successfully manouver the plane to safety just in time, the ark doesn't hit mount everest just in time so that the impact destroys it, that kind of bogus stuff. in real life, things aren't so lucky all the time. TIPU!
that being said, i like the movie. haha.
but please, jangan la something like that happens now. aku tak habis taubat lagi nih. :\

p/s: sunyi la...


  1. mmg soo hollywood.
    xmenginsafkan sgt.
    xbest la anisss~hehe

  2. :( insaf ape..
    kalu xtgk movie tu xleh bayangkn pun the world musnah cane kn..haha.

    ok la pe..
    tp cite dia sgt panjang ehh..