Thursday, December 24, 2009

why i love wally!

something's different with wally.

i can't place it. he's...different.
doesn't play as much, eats a lot, not scared of water anymore.

did i do something wrong?
i have a habit of messing things up, haven't i?

i think he's mad at me for leaving him with my sister.
sometimes he just looks at me with this funny look in his face.
like he wants to know why i left him.

i didn't wanna leave him.
i had to. :(

"i love you wally", i say to him when he looks at me.
he meows back, as if to say, "i know. i love you back."
and i know this last part is true because he jumped on the bed, lied down next to me and licked my cheek.

p/s: he just walked all over my laptop's keyboard. yep, he wants the all attention to himself. :P

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