Tuesday, December 15, 2009

for the love of N!

oh god this is so tiring.
and i've only been at it for like, an hour.
dissertations suck.
he doesn't though! N rocks! ♥ for you N!


i like the fact that i make sense to him.
i like the fact that he likes the same things that i do.
i enjoy our random conversations because i don't know how he'll react.
i like the fact that he loves horror movies. i need more friends to back me up haha.
i like talking to strangers. i like connecting with people.
he's cool. he likes both stephen king and j.k rowling. (!) he plays resident evil. he wants to play l4d.

the fact that he's soo friggin' young kind of makes me feel like a pedo though.
even though we're just strangers talking. hee.

this is probably just me discovering the world.

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