Saturday, February 13, 2010

distant lights in the night. all those flickers are making me dizzy.

"i pray that something picks me up and,
lays me down in your warm arms."

life plans for now:

- to reduce the numbers of people who hate me from 100 to 90.
- to be less annoying.
- to be more 'ayu', since it's apparently what every girl should be. guuuhhhh.
- to be successful in life, throughout life, and in the afterlife.
- to keep and cherish all the friends i have now, and to find more who can love me for who i am.
- to be less childish.
- that last point really necessary? i kind of like being childish. most adults are dumb. :\
- to maintain my awesome sense of coolness and attractiveness.
- to be less perasan and gila.
- to find more money, and not spend it on shopping.
- to find someone to spend the rest of my life with who is, simply put, awesome. :P (gedik!)
- to be a better khalifah, a better human being, a better follower.
- to find that peace i've been looking for so long.
- to gain weight and not care about it.
- to love and be loved unconditionally.
- to find happiness in myself before i find it in in others.
- to buy an iphone. ahaha..
- to travel around the whole world, have an experience of a lifetime.
- to be myself and love it.
- to stop making lists about life plans and start living them. YAAAAH!!! :P

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  1. Since when do people hate you? And you are def. not annoying. I like your "to be less perasan and gila" hahaha! Rina love Anis!