Friday, February 5, 2010

i told you so.

despite all that has been said and done, i am here, and i will stay.
despite falling down, scraping my knees, cutting both my hands and losing my legs in the process,
i will not bow down.

you will try to tell me that i am wrong, and one day i might agree.
but you don't know anything until you've seen everything,
and you've clearly seen nothing.

so tear me down and build a new bridge,
full of heavy vehicles and steel cables that make you feel safe and comfortable.
paint me out with the rest of them because i mean nothing,
even if i meant something.
engineer this structure anew with a vibrancy and life we've never known,
and watch one day as it burns and sets the city on fire,
because you've overlooked some tiny, seemingly insignificant, extremely important detail.

and when that happens,
i reserve the right to say "i told you so."

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