Monday, February 15, 2010

the importance of being funny.

i've noticed a certain trait in myself.
rather peculiar, if i must say so.

it's just that...everytime i like someone, i tend to try really hard to make him/her laugh.
it's like, i like you, i'll make fun of myself to make you happy.
very...people-pleasing of me. but it's especially fun with the guys,
because my jokes are often frickin' ridiculous.

one random particular quote is sticking in my head right now.
it's from that amanda bynes movie with the hot british, what a girl wants.
he said to the bynes, just before they smooched and went all sappy on me,
"why do you try so hard to fit in, when you were born to stand out?"

ah, wise words my friend. the mind is as pretty as the face, and all that jazz.
my roomate says i have a thing for british faces.
well, can't say that's a bad thing, right?

if i were to choose any animal to be in this world,
i'd be the irukandji jellyfish.
it's tiny, not bigger than a few centimetres wide. the biggest so far is 35cm in length.
however, it is extremely venomous. some of the effects from its venom are nausea, severe pains in several parts of the body, high heart rate and blood pressure, and the feeling of impending death.
small and creepy.
how frigging appropriate is that? hahaha.

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