Tuesday, February 23, 2010

it's an instantaneous reaction.

i enjoy being happy because then i appreciate the life i'm having right now.
despite all my fuckups, i'm still here.
and i'm still me. and that is great.

i enjoy feeling little, because i know i'm not the best.
i know i'm a speck of dust in this world. but to Him i matter.
and that feels great, because all this while He's mattered to me too.

i enjoy being free, because freedom is not something you should take lightly.
freedom of the body is hard to find. freedom of the heart is even harder.
so i feel the breeze, and i bask in the sun, and i kick the fallen leaves on the ground.
i enjoy the big things, and the little things, and i will not take anything for granted.
because i am free. and i feel free.

i enjoy being angry, because anger means something.
it means i feel strongly. it means i care.
it means that at the end of the day, i will go to bed thinking,
"was my anger justified? was i too harsh? was i right?"
and at the dawn of a new day, i will wake up, apologetic and humble, and i will say sorry.
and i will mean it.

i enjoy being sad. sadness is my favourite emotion.
sadness means remembering the past, and taking note so that in the future,
i'll do something different. then i won't be sad ever again.
and if i do get sad in the future, it will be okay.
because sadness makes you stronger. and better.
and i want to be a better person anyways.

i don't regret a single thing in this life.

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