Sunday, February 7, 2010

soap on my face, and a hand on my crotch.

"what's life like, bleeding on the floor like that?"

shopping days are always superbly tiring.
but also superfly, so nevermind the tiring part.

i bought my dress already.
i hope this dinner is bloody worth it,
because i don't know where i can wear a poufy dress like that anywhere else,
and not die of sheer embarrassment.
or...maybe not. i really have no shame sometimes, haha.

but whatever yeah.

kawan-kawan, saya mahu lelaki sorang.
details: patient, funny, not afraid to be himself, good with animals, interesting,
loves reading and writing, laid back, looks great in skinny jeans, has great sense of style,
loves horror movies, uses ribena for his vitamin supplement, adorable,
plays video games, is quite nerdy (because nerds are hawt) and
can help finish my food when we eat together. haa ha ha.

dang i really need a life, haha.

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