Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh no, do I really need a title?

I'm thinking of changing the background for my blog. Again. Probably something a bit more me, you know? I'm also planning to make my own new special header for this blod, but I haven't been strong enough to start on it, haha.
Hmm, what colour nice ah?

Pink and black? Nah..too common. I'm gonna try making a real weird one, yay yay.

There are loads of sales now in Riyadh. In every mall, seriously. Some of them are just stupid, like Massimo Dutti's sale which was up to 50% (nampak cam sme 20% je, dah la mahal nak mati) and some are just crazy, like MNG's sale, up to 75% and really good I think.

However I still haven't fulfilled my lifelong dream of owning a pair of Keds, and at least one Lesportsac bag. Both of these brands are just awesome awesome aweeeesooome. I love funky designs. I love having lots of choices. I love colour. (But my favourite colour bukan black ke? Hmm kaki tiga.)

I also wanna have a spree at Hot Topic. Mmm, very good.

Lookie at some stuff I like. Clearly I'm unhinged yeah.

Lesportsac's Tokidoki edition, which is sadly outdated. Tahun bile tah ni. :(

Look, comel kan! :D
Yang ni pun most sincerely awesome.

I wish I could shop online. :(

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