Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's time to run. So run.

I can't think of anything remotely witty to say to make this entry more interesting.

Except that I heart gummy bears. ♥ And jelly beans. And you can see my nads from here.

Whatever that means.

I just checked my timetable for next semester. Booooriiing. Feeding chickens are more fun than this.

Huh. Sejuk la pulak. I'm supposed to pack my stuff for the coming trip. Tapi saya lebih banyak sikap malas dari sikap rajin jadi saya akan procrastinate. Did I spell that right?

The people in myspace are funneh. They add me and say "Leh berkenalan kew?" or "I want 2 be ur freind." but I look at their profiles and good God, they're like 19 or 15 and all so small hahah. Maybe I'm destined to marry a kid? Hmm.

Pervy thoughts.

I'm feeling a bit nuts today. I feel crazy inside but on the outside I'm completely quiet. My mom keeps giving me looks. Gurr.

I'm gonna go and sham-poo my hair. Sham. Poo. Geddit?

You probably don't.

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