Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kalau bosan sila menari.

Last night I started packing my stuff. Excited nak balik la kunun. Haha.

Even though there's still a week left to go, excited jugak nak balik. New clothes? Check. Eccentric yet lovable personality? Check kot. New, bigger rolls of fat on tummy? Check check check.

Haish. Sometimes I think trying to be thin is just stupid. I mean, I'm happier when I'm fat right? Tak muat baju? Tak payah pakai baju, hmph. But sometimes I look into the mirror and I don't like who I see, and that's when the insecurities come. So this coming semester, I'm trying out a new fitness scheme. Exercise la aku sampai mati katak nanti. Kot.

(Banyak sangat kot la aku ni.)

Ooh. I have a story. Tah le lawak or gross, who knows. I nearly cried because I was trying to not puke haha. Semalam I was sort of packing kan? So I was opening this one bag, containing souvenirs which I had bought from Makkah. Sebelum tu tak terpikir la nak bukak because bukan ade ape, adiah je kan. (Yela, malas kemas bilik la tuuuu.)

But then when I opened the plastic bag, this godawful smell comes out of it. I was thinking, "Abes la, binatang ape pulak masuk beg aku ni?" Concerned, I check it out. Angkat la adiah-adiah yang disebut tadi. Rupenye...

"Aik? Bile mase pulak ade pisang dalam plastik aku ni?"

2 months. 2 bloody months those poor bananas were in there, in the heat and the cold, being squished by frickin' souvenirs and I only noticed the smell, gahaha. The bananas were in their own plastic bag and they looked nothing like bananas anymore. Kaler pun dah jadi grey da, ewwww. It was soooooooo yech. My mom, the owner of the pisangs could only say:

"Patutla hari tu mama cari pisang tu tak jumpe!"

Pisang tu dah mati, mama. Sori. :P

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