Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's better than silence.

"After all, you do know best."

Esok presentation, ohmigod ohmigod...

Speaking in public sucks. Somehow having people look and pay attention to everything you say is very unnerving, but it's the kind of fear you don't tell people about because that'll kind of make you more nervous, kan?

Oh well. I have internet now, right in my room. Suka hati. Now I can, er.. explore the benefits of Facebook and the Internet with ease, yah?

And damn, I forgot to bring my toothbrush back. Kuning la gigiku minggu ini. :p

Oooh. Last night I did something illegal. Tah kenapa bangga gila pulak haha. I learnt that I can actually be a very good shooter if I, well, had a gun. But I'm actually not allowed to say much sebab nanti kena lempang dengan someone harharhar.

Bosan la, da lambat gi discussion plak tuh. Damn.

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