Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Smell me like crazy wtflol.

My parents are obsessed with perfumes as of late. I'm not kidding. Oh God, am I not kidding.

Okay, it started like this. We were at Faisaliya, which is this shopping mall not so far but not so close to home, and we were heading into the mall when my mom sees this Bangladesh dude (sorry if you're like, Pakistani or something pakcik, haha) selling something on the sidewalk.

Upon close inspection, it turns out the guys selling perfumes. Bottles and bottles of them. Banyak le. So we look at the goods, curious la kan. Wanna know something cool?

The perfumes are all authentic. Seriously authentic, in a I'm-made-in-France-and-I'm-supposedly-really-expensive kind of way. Punya la happy mak aku. Hahaha.

So she proceeds to buy lots and lots of them, sebab memang ori but the prices are like, 100++ je yang paling mahal. No new smells, but not so old lah. I got the Limited Edition Dream of Pink by Lacoste, which smells quite awesome. That was only the first time though.

The next time she bought like, 7 bottles of perfume. Betul. 7 bottles, woah. Some of them were actually meant for relatives as souvenirs, you know, but my mom fell in love with the smells and decided to keep some of them lol. Gila kaya bagi souvenir perfume, mak ai parents aku niii...

Then of course, because I am awesome, I got a free bottle of perfume which is from an unknown brand, but still pretty awesome. Smells like strawberry jam, ngeh.

Tonight we went there again. We bought 5 more bottles. It's actually a horribly good bargain, because my mom bought the original Chanel No.5 perfume she loves so much for only a hundred something Saudi Riyals.

Original price in malls: SR 590.00

Iknoerite? I also got a new one, even though I already have so many. (But then again, so do they right?) I got Pretty Nina by Nina Ricci which smells quite cool, in an apple-y sort of way. The bottle's in the shape of an apple, actually. That's how I know it smells like apples, haha.

So, now I have like, 4 new perfumes:
1. Burberry The Beat - beli awal lagi ni. I think it smells wonderfully British. :P
2. Nina Ricci's Pretty Nina
3. Dream of Pink by Lacoste
4. Pink Senses by some brand I haven't heard of.

You wanna know the weirdest, randomest thing? Most of my perfumes are in pink bottles. My old ones, and my new ones. Except for the Burberry one, which is so awesomely packaged and white that it's a crime. But all the others are like, pink and maybe some are red.

Do I have a girly sort of smell? :O

Another weird fact is that I only really wanted the Burberry perfume, and the others were actually my mother's doing. Suka beli je barang, cakap tak mau pun beli gak. Hmph.

I ♥ you mama! :p

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