Thursday, August 6, 2009

The curious case of the peeing Abu.

This is the first time in a very long time that I'm pissed off with a cat.

Stupid, stupid cute cat.

It happened earlier tonight. I was doing God knows what on my bed tadi, and the door to my room was open. So in strolls this cat named Abu (keje rumet aku) who's a regular in our room. He likes sitting on the carpet in front of the door. Tido pun situ, nak makan pun situ, nasib baik tak berak situ, hmph.

So I say hi to Abu, and then I went out to hang my freshly laundered clothes. (wow anak dara sape ni?) Habis la sidai baju, nak masuk bilik dah. Then I see this orange cat with a face that kind of looks like the Puss in Boots. So I say hi. Hi cat!

Enter my room. Abu smells the strange cat with his stupid sensitive nose and lari masuk compartment roomateku. I'm like, "Hoi Abu keluar cepat nak tutup pintu ni!" so I make the mistake of dragging Abu outside. Well, I didn't drag drag Abu la. I picked him up, because I'm sweet. Haha.

Nampak je Puss ni, Abu went berserk. Cam setan. He hissed really loudly at Puss, who was not that close but not so far away jugak la. I was caught in between the 2 bloody cats. Then guess what?

Abu decided to bust some kung-fu moves on my legs and twisted around macam gila. Then, I was like "Shit!" because Abu totally. Peed. Everywhere.

And it did go everywhere. The pee I mean, not Abu. It went all over the floor outside, and kena a bit of the floor inside, and on the shoes nearby, and it was on the walls, and the friggin' door.

And remember that part where I said I was between the two cats?

Well ha ha cat. You hit me with your pee. I squealed like a maniac, punya la takut haha. I did jump as far away as I could, but when I saw that the pee went all over the place, rase cam takde harapan je nak bersih. So I had to change my clothes, wipe the pee off from the door and shoes, while my roomate basuh the lantai. Bazir masa sungguh hati la.

So, now I have scratch marks on my left leg, and clothes with pee stains on them (I think) and I find that although cats are adorable, I'd really like to slaughter Abu for revenge.

p/s: Abu, stop staring at me funny. I know you're trying to look innocent. Hampeh kau kucing, you pee on me. You will pay.

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