Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hey kamu, bebot!

I've been trying to change this friggin' blog's layout since yerterday, but no such luck. Tahi kentut sungguh kamu internet. >:\

Oh wait, opening song lyrics takde. Dang you jugak memori yang tidak kuat. :(

"In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey."

So, whatever. This semester feels quite slow, to be honest. I mean, we all have assignments and Mr. Nigel and Pak Abu telling us to do stuff, but we haven't actually started doing any of these things yet.

Ok ok I haven't started doing these things yet. Tapi sme orang nampak so lepak nowadays so it's hard to tell.

Oh. I got electrocuted this morning. Ok how the heck do you spell electrocuted? Betul ke eja camtu?

*emosi terganggu sbb fail spelling*

My iron totally went Chuck Norris on me and decided that it was tired of serving my egotistical, uncrinkly needs. Stupid iron. Sakit nak mati tau kena letrik. I'd like to give you some of that.

And stupidly, even though loads of people die due to electricity-related injuries, I thought having a jolt of Wattage through you didn't hurt much. Maybe it felt like a sting ke, or like a cut on the hand or something minor like that.

But that's bullshit, because it fucking hurts. Being electrocuted by a stupid iron sucks. Eff you, inanimate obejcts of doom.

Is it just me, or are there far too many mosquitoes nowadays in UIA? Kang aku kena denggi aku saman kau. Dah la suka saman Pegoo aku, marah kalau pakai jeans sampai terkedek-kedek aku lari. Then wat muke cam tapir bila nak masuk mahalah malam2. Piss off, you. I hate authorities.

Ehh! My parents are coming this weekend. Yes! My mama promised me a new bag. (tak mintak pun, tapi dah lama teringin le. haha)

Ohhhhh no! Shite! Kena basuh baju! :'(

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