Saturday, August 22, 2009

Murtabak and all things Ramadhan.

Okay, the title doesn't make any sense. But it rocks, so shut up. :P

First of all, Happy Ramadhan to all my buddies out there who are ecstatic that this season has finally come around. I'm actually really really glad I managed to ganti all my puasa's last year, so..haha. (I'm horrible I know, but there's a valid reason behind this so again, shut up.)

But yeah, it's a good month, Ramadhan. People are generally nicer, the food is awesome, there's that feeling in the air that the world is cleaner. Last night I went to the first tarawih for the month and saw girls in kain telekung, and it occured to me that I've missed that. I miss breaking fast with my friends and having iftars and asking everyone if they're fasting or faking it haha.

Ooh, and the thought of kuih raya is making me dizzy. Oooooooh...

Wait. I can't think of food now! I'll imagine it! Damn. :( Don't deduct my marks pwetty pwease.

Randomly, 4th year sucks. Being busy sucks. Having to think of a dissertation title sucks. Having someone (whom I will not mention) as a lecturer rocks, but the assignments he gives us suck. Bleargh.

Dah la da lame tak keluaaaaaaarrrrr...*emosi tahap maksimum* :(

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