Wednesday, October 14, 2009

bagaikan si jantan yang berkokok.

"let's see how far we've come."

so. what happened today?

well kids, today was "wear-you-checkered-shirts" day. all the cool kids wore them, and all the uncool kids gaped in silent amazement and obvious envy.



next! i'm actually taking a break from all the bloody dissertation thoughts in my head. who knew thinking of a topic would be so bloody difficult?

well it's not actually the topic i'm worried about. it's the references used for said topics. since i haven't researched all that much...and i'm not very rajin at the mo...

nigel maafkan saya please. jangan kecil hati. :'(
(p/s kamu hebat! saya pun suka durian!)

okay what is my obsession with blogging? (tibe-tibe marah kan.)

i always find myself thinking of random things to say, or sometimes current topics to ramble on about. i guess writing is my way to vent? i just like blogs.

and i love blog-hopping. i've probably stalked half of my friends by looking at their blog posts. :P sorry.
aku suka dengar cerita orang. i like stories. bebelan. ramblings. randomness. i think it's fun. i find comfort in words. maybe that's why i update like, every frickin' day. heh.

i'm listening to m.nasir songs. did he just say "belikat punggungku"? (perlulah boldkan.) apakah itu? :0


  1. if i'm not mistaken belikat is tulang.
    tulang belikat.
    tp kalau tak silap tulang belikat nih dkt2 ngan bhgn lengan.
    then y did m.nasir said belikat punggung?

    not helping at all kan?sorrayhh.

  2. harhar...thanks nini. takpe, as long as i wasn't hallucinating bile dgr m.nasir cakap pasal bontot it's ok. :P