Friday, October 16, 2009

the hate letter.

1. hello there. how are you? i hope you're
2.feeling horrible. that'd make me
3. very happy. i love seeing your
4. ugly, mean, and totally pathetic
5. face. it lights up my day. do you ever think of
6. anyone else but yourself? do you miss
7. me when you're alone? i hope you do because
8. you totally don't deserve me. it must be sad, sitting there wishing that
9. i think of you. it makes me feel
10. disgusted at you. you're such a loser. i'm not
11. sad because you're not here with me. i feel so
12. happy when you're not around. don't you ever think that i'd feel
13. lonely without you.
13. you know why? because i hate you! i only said
14. i love you because
15. i wanted to trick you, and i got so good at pretending that
16. you made me happy. bye.

now my friends, read between the lines. do you get it?
kind of cool yeah?

(inspired by something i saw on the world wide web)

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