Friday, October 16, 2009

one day.

one day, you'll remember all of this.

the days and the nights, fights and laughter.

the days where we were so tired but had to keep on, keep on going. for the sake of our future, our parents and family. our jobs depended on this. our happiness could depend on it.

the nights lazing around doing nothing and absolutely everything in our tiny room cubicles, writing and typing and drawing and eating, laughing at stupid jokes made by friends, crying quietly while watching korean series.

one day, we won't forget.

the shopping trips together, and messaging your friend who always always wakes up late for class, or the day where your friend fell sick and couldn't come to class so you took notes for her as well. the days you slept on your friend's floor with your harry potter comforter, waking up late together for class now. spending the nights together watching movies.

trips to the zoo, or the mall, or to some godforsaken place you've never been to. accompanying your friend to the toilet at 3 a.m because she didn't want to brush her teeth alone. gossiping about the latest scandal between your classmates, and talking about which classmate is the most good looking.

one day, you'll miss those days.

cherish them. they might slip away.

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