Tuesday, October 13, 2009

i always hear them in the dead of night...

...they try to help, but only i can right these wrongs.

"easy living, it's not much life for me.
easy dying, hey, looks just about the same."


i understand what jon foreman's trying to say in these words. i understand now.
he doesn't want an safe life. he wants challenges. problems. he wants to suffer.

suffering makes us stronger. problems make us think. hardships come to show us who we really are. does it make you stronger, or weaker? are you going to give up?

can you find the way?

you learn from your mistakes. you renew yourself, shape a better mould, try on a new perspective. you change. some who get lost change for the worse, but in all actuality, we'll always hope to change for the better. if we can find the way.

can we find the way?

i have to admit, i'm not the best kind of person.

sometimes i don't understand. sometimes i don't know. sometimes i'm too afraid, too shy to ask. what if i'm the only one who doesn't know? (out of the billions of people, are you kidding me?) what if i'm ignorant? what if people laugh? what if people stare?

you know what? people are people. you can never satisfy them. us. we're one of those incessant sufferings you'll just have to endure to get to the top. screw people, they're not going to take you to Heaven. hopefully, you will. hopefully, you can. ask for help. pray for it.

i can hear the winds now.

it's changing. i'm changing.

i'll change.

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