Thursday, October 8, 2009

if you're reading this...

"you're making a small change,
to the way that you wear your heart..."

Another sad love song

From the shattered souls of yesterday

Devising plans to publicize their demise

To save themselves

From their own downfalls

Hearts are not only broken

They’re also bled of all emotions

And the sadness of tomorrow

Remain instilled in those walls

We are mere mortals

Who long for something more

Than the emptiness of these rooms

In pastels of gray and black

That brings our sorrow afresh

Questions remain unanswered

Indeed, there are none to ask

And lives remain unbroken

But only from the surface

Scribbled entries of hope and shame

In diaries that will never be discovered

(p/s: i wrote this last year. i wonder why?)

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