Sunday, October 4, 2009

tiny droplets of happiness

can be found anywhere, in everyday life.

it can be found in a hug at the front door, given to you by your crazy yet adorable sister's kid who then proceeds to drag you to his play area to show you his toy gun. never mind the fact that he kills you after that.

it can be found in hearing a song you haven't heard in a really long time, which still reminds you of someone you love and miss dearly.

you'll find it buried between the sheets where you find comfort at nights that are cold and lonely, the sheets reminding you of the smell of your mother.

you may find it in an adorable little kitten with whom you've just met for the very first time, chasing its own tail and being the cutest, fluffiest pet you have ever seen in your life.

maybe you'll find it in your pockets, where you find some extra money which you've forgotten about and now can spend on something.

it's the satisfaction you get when you finally reach home after getting lost and stuck in traffic, and even so you're so proud of yourself for finding the way that you don't really mind coughing up another 4 bucks for the extra toll money.

or is it the contentment you get from praying early and faithfully, and knowing that you've fulfilled your responsibilities to Him the best way that you can?

it can seep into your heart after the guard at your apartment smiles and waves at you in recognition, because you know then that you've been friendly enough to people for them to have noticed and treated you with kindness.

it can be found in blackcurrant smoothies, and nasi lemak rendang, and monster shaped car key holders, and messages from your best friend.

it can be found everywhere, if you look hard enough.

so are you looking?


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  1. ah! what a wonderous blog dedication to me. you're welcome, you're welcome.