Friday, October 2, 2009

how to keep a heart.

keep it along with your car keys. maybe you won't lose it then.

keep it in a file, so you won't accidentally throw it out like a random scrap of paper.

put it in a big jar full of crystals, and rocks, colourful seashells and beautiful things, so you'll never mistake it for something ugly one day.

hang it in your closet with all your pretty dresses, and handsome frocks, and socks and pants. don't forget to wear it sometimes.

keep it in your hard disk and never lend it to your friends so it can't get a virus and get wiped out.

pin it onto the board as a reminder. place post-its everywhere to remind you that it's there.

hide it somewhere safe and unknown, but don't ever forget where you put it.

make a list and put it into your notebook.

write a song about it and record it so you don't forget how it feels like.

tell your mom to keep it for you until you're old enough.

keep it in your wallet, in its own special compartment, besides all the business cards and credit cards and small change.

keep it in a safe.

but no matter where you keep it, your heart always gets lost along the way. sometimes you don't find it. sometimes you do but it's already broken. sometimes it gets stolen, and you can never get it back.

what can you do then?

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