Saturday, October 17, 2009

see you.

a thousand sparks ignite, and i see you.
a million birds fly south for the season, and i see you.
babies cry in the middle of the night for love, for attention, for affection, and i see you.
frenzied hearts scream at the top of their lungs, and still i see you.
silhouettes blend into the background, starting chirps and creaks and squeaks. i see you.
at the touch of the softest silk. i see you.
morning breath and shy somewhat awkward smiles across large rooms full of strangers, and i can see you.
glass shatters like ice on a cold, dark night, igniting an avalanche, yet i still see you.
daughters seeking affection from their mother with schemes of untold greatness. i see you.
zombies crawl out of the ground while crows eat on the flesh of the dead, and is that you i see?
colour fades into black and white, why do i still see you?

as i echo your footsteps like a child follows his parents.
as i pry open your doors late that night.
as i sneak into your bedroom, itching towards your neck.
as i squeeze your lungs dry.
as you breathe for the very last time.
as you choke out your cries of help.
as your eyes open towards the ceiling.
as i smile down your corpse and reach for your face.

i see you.

i saw you.

wait. is that you i see amongst the jostling crowd?

(wow. a stalker's mind isn't a pretty place to be. i just made this out of boredom.)

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