Wednesday, October 7, 2009


sometimes just a stray cat can make you feel like the most loved person in the whole wide world.

doesn't matter if he sheds all over your pajamas and you have to change them, or if his wet wet nose keeps rubbing on your hand and you have to wash your hands after petting him.

doesn't even matter that he keeps mewing and trying to get your sympathy, but when you give him food he doesn't even look at it. he's too busy trying to get onto your lap. he purrs contentedly when you scratch him between his ears and on his belly. he takes such a long time trying to find a comfortable spot.

he fights a lot with other cats and sleeps on the floor mat. his breath stinks of fish. he follows you from the cafeteria to your room, sometimes trying to make you trip by running between your legs. he's always trying to get into the room.

he's not perfect. but you know he loves you, in your ugly stained pajamas. you, even though you can't give him any food because you have none. you, even though you totally ignore him sometimes because he's been hovering near the door all day, and it's getting annoying.


and that's all that matters. you wouldn't have it any other way.

clothes can be changed every day. food can be bought. rooms can be cleaned. if you fall, you can always dust yourself and get back up again.

but unconditional love?

it's almost impossible to find.

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