Tuesday, October 27, 2009

finding the sun.

"i dare you to move,
like today never happened before."

sometimes, growing up doesn't mean getting older.

i used to think that once you got older, you get wiser and therefore you grow up.
but now i don't think so.

sometimes you can be sixty and still not be grown up enough.
sometimes you can be eighteen and be the oldest and wisest person you know.

i now think growing up means falling down again and again
and still have the courage to get back up,
have the strength to carry on,
have cuts and bruises all over your body and still not give up,
have the peace of mind knowing that this is what was planned for you,
it's okay, because when people hurt you,
He listens. and He works quietly.

life would be a series of blacks and whites
if we never learn about all the colours in the spectrum.

i'm not that strong.
i hurt.
i break.
i learn that i'm not perfect.
i want to pretend that i'm tough
but i'm not.
i want to move on but i can't.
i keep glancing back.
i won't pretend that things aren't bad for me now.

things will get better.
skies can turn a lighter shade of blue.
love will come in all kinds of ways.
even the darkest hole has a bottom.
things will get better.
in time.
they always do.

and then i'll be stronger.
i will learn.
from mistakes. from past experiences. from new beginnings. from fights. from my tears. from my friends. from my own reflection. from listening. from learning. from everything.

one day
i hope i'll be strong enough.

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