Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ed Hardy is for idiots. I want to be an idiot, plz.

Went to KLCC today, spent nearly the whole day there window shopping and randomly walking around by myself. Mission: beli payung. Don't know why though, I already have a friggin' payung. Bukan pakai sangat pun.

There were some choices out there. Paling murah: RM 7.00. Payung ape jadah murah sangat? :\
Paling mahal: RM 85.00. Nak payung Sultan Brunei ke weh?

Serious shit. Mahal nak mati payung. But it's really cute la, with polka dots and a ribbon and all. Not my type of thing, tapi cute la.

I was kind of looking for a clear umbrella, or one in black. Or at least something decent looking so I can doodle on it myself. Tapi too bloody expensive. Ke payung memang mahal? :| hmm. Maybe I should make one myself.

Spent 60 bucks in Kino. Don't have the mood to shop, tapi beli barang kat Kino nak pulak. Thing is, the shit in there are soooooo cool. Like, stuff from Japan or Korea. Stuff that swivels this way and that. Stuff with cute cartoons on them. I'm a sucker for weird things, so I spent like, 2 hours in there just looking at stuff. God I love weird stuff.

Wanted to buy an iPod skin, tapi takde. Don't they sell those anymore? Hmm.

Nak gi tengok House sambil makan caramel pudding. Excuse me.

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  1. For clear payung, hang trai pi tgk kat Daiso lah. Daiso tadak jual payung ka? Japanese ada byk payung clear ni, last I checked it was around 500Y (around rm20?) eh ka cheaper ntah.

    You know what I want? I want Suri Cruise's umbrella. Gila kiut. I've been lemming for it since I saw it for the first time!