Monday, September 28, 2009


i have a secret.

promise you won't tell?

i think i'm hideous.
i lie a lot.
i'm addicted to prescription drugs.
i look at porn.
i once committed a hit and run.
i beat up a little kid once, and he died.

these aren't my secrets. these are someone else's secrets. we all have secrets. we're all tainted on the inside, we just pretend we're not because we think being 'clean' is normal. not having secrets is normal. telling everyone our dirty little secrets and letting the dirty laundry hang outside for the whole world to see is normal.

normal. how do you know what normal is anyway? why do you want to be normal? do you want to be like everyone else? puppet? mannequin? parrot?

reality check.

we're not normal. nobody's normal. we all have secrets. secrets we know, secrets we ourselves don't even know. we're not like everyone else. nobody is.

one day, when someone tells you a secret, don't judge. you have your own dirt. i have my own dirt. i wish i could tell you my secrets. i do. i just don't know how to tell you. i'm afraid.

you shouldn't be. maybe if you tell me your secret then i'll tell you mine. we can be brave together. don't judge me, because i'm not judging you. i'll try not to, for you.

because i care. you care about me, right?

promise you won't tell?

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