Saturday, September 26, 2009

pencarian kaki seperti angelina jolie.

wah wah. i'm quite comfortable writing in small caps (eh betul ke small caps? ke small letters? ke small...whatever lah) right now, so i'll continue doing so until i find the courage to not be lazy anymore hahaha.

i went swimming just now, for half an hour je. but my legs lenguh macam kena penyek dengan badak. did a few laps even though i was kind of horrible with my swimming techniques, i've kind of forgotten how to swim properly hee. however, in the quest for legs as slim as angelina's i shall not give up. (padahal esok last kot swimming lolz) i will work for those skinny jeans! :P

i have so few pictures in here. makes me sad. :(
so i'm putting in a picture. :)

because humans are overrated

and then

cookie monster

haha. adorable. no not the cookie, the kid.

oh. went to 2 of my relative's houses today. dapat duit raya from both houses. see? being small does have its very own wonderful perks. :D



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