Sunday, September 27, 2009

mild euphoria and a phone call.

hey you.

where are you anyways? i've been waiting since like, forever. you didn't forget, did you?

oh i hope you remembered. we've got so much to do, and you, being you, always come late. i hope you've got some hot shot plan already formed in your head right now. my time is gold, man. i will murder you if you don't at least give me one dinner date to make up for this.

i miss you. it gets cold and lonely here sometimes, and that's when i need you the most. i need your smile to make me feel happy, your words to warm my heart, your love to get me through these times. i understand though that you're busy right now and can't make it. i'll wait. i've been waiting forever, a few more forevers wouldn't hurt. come as soon as you can though, because i'm not getting any younger here, you twat.


sometimes i sit here and think about you. okay okay most of the times i sit here, and there, and everywhere and i think about you. i think about what you like and don't like. i think about how your eyes flash when you're happy, and how your jaw sets when you're determined about something and no one can change your mind. i think about the sound of your laughter and compare it to mine. do you think we're compatible? i think we were made for each other.

hey, do you like sushi? i love sushi, but i hate wasabi. it tastes so funny.
do you like rock music, or pop? i'm a bit of both, really. i love all kinds of music. i should make you a mixed cd, yeah?
i wonder if you'll laugh at my harry potter quotes. i'll definitely laugh at your movie quotes, if you have any. we can have a marathon of all our favourite movies. i know you'd love that.
oh, and...well, i hope you won't be mad if i told you i suck at cooking. i'm still trying, and i'm learning a lot. i'll keep on trying for you.

i think i could be a great cook, once i learn how get the hang of it. if you come to my house, (and you should, mama will definitely love you to bits) my mom will cook us great food. i know i have her talent. you'll see.

i hope you don't mind that i'm a bit broken. it got kind of tough on the way here, and i think i fell down and scraped my knees a few times. i'll admit that i cried. falling down can be embarrassing, but in the end, the wounds healed and now i'm fine. someone once said to me that scars add character to a person. do you agree? anyway, i have you to fix me. i'm not worried.

so, call me when you get this message okay? i'll be waiting. if i don't answer your call the first time then maybe i'm doing something else somewhere, so please call again. don't give up on me okay? we've got so much to do, you and i. we have a lifetime.

so, bye.

(author's note: okay i'm officially a sap. i dream too much. but the thing about dreams are that they can give you hope and make your thoughts a little bit sweeter than before. i choose to dream. now sssshh, i'm waiting for a phone call. don't bug me. ;) )

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