Thursday, September 24, 2009

new heart for a new head.

i deleted my last post.

why? because it's not true anymore. and i'm sorry for being quite a huge ass towards someone, you know who you are.

i want friends. i love my friends. i don't wanna lose any of them.

not because of my mistakes. not because of theirs. we're all so bloody human, aren't we? we're so weak, and emotional, and sometimes we regret things. i regret a lot of things.

i'm starting over a new leaf. i'm going to be happy. positive. alive. i don't want enemies. i don't want fights. (i do love debates though. seriously.) i don't want to judge people before i judge myself. someone i love told me today that people can't change because of you, but people can change for you. the wisdom of that is quite profound, is it not?

sorry sorry sorry.

i, anis adila bt abdullah, will try my very best to change from today. not for anyone else, but for myself. and though i've broken up with asyraf (sori sebut nama) we're still friends. i'll still have the right to annoy him about coming to class and he'll still have the right to annoy me about...anything. you're so annoying mate. :P

i hope we all get the happy ending we deserve. the end.

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