Saturday, September 5, 2009

I am a vampire, and I have lost my fangs.

"Don't it feel like sunshine after all? The world we love forever gone."

Mood: Electrified.
Music: Pain - Jimmy Eat World (oh how fitting)

I swear, all the electrical appliances in the world are trying to electrocute me to death. DEATH, I say. My iron tried to kill me a few weeks ago, now the bloody washing machine is giving me shocks everytime I touch it. Also, when I touch my clothes. My clothes! Dah tu cane aku nak amek baju aku natang weh?


Tomorrow, the day after, and the day after the day after is lepak time. Ohhhhh yeah. ;) Well, actually, I do have assignments I have to do, but peh, lambat lagi kot. Hahahaha.

Damn laziness. No! I will do my work early this time! I will I will I will!
...esok la kot start. :p

I feel like going out tomorrow and getting wasted. (Getting my cash wasted more likely, but nvm) I'm not really into buying clothes now, but I'm kind of really in the mood to, stationaries. Serious shit, I kid you not. Haha.

I wanna buy a notebook, a really good one! And uh, some pens, even though mine ada but dah nak habis kan, then I, I need books! Yeah, minds need to burn here, and not through boring stuff like assignments. I want to read horror, or chick lit, or somthing so stupidly funny it hurts. I need a bit of laughter in my life right now.

Current to do list:
  1. Assignment Pak Ya. (due pas raye, yeah yeah)
  2. Assignment Prof. K. (due Jumaat)
  3. Study for quiz Pak Abu. (mcm malas je buat ni)
  4. Dissertation title, yaaaaagh. (refer to above reason)
  5. Hantar seluar g potong. :P
  6. Bayar yuran. (this was on my last to-do list, saje gedik nak letak)
  7. Sticker kete. (yaaaaaaagh, malasnye jumpe pakgad)
  8. Basuh Wilson and Tembam. (harharhar)
  9. Oh! Kena bayar bil internet. (damn)
*jadi gila*

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